Host TestKing1 needs to communicate with the email server shown. What address will be placed in the destination address field of the frame when it leaves Host TestKing1?

Part of the TestKing network is shown below:

A. The MAC address of Host TestKing1
B. The MAC address of E0 of the router TestKingC
C. The MAC address of Switch TestKingB
D. The MAC address of E1 of the router TestKingC
E. The MAC address of Switch TestKingA
F. The MAC address of the email server TestKingD
G. None of the above

Answer: B


Since the email server resides on a different IP subnet than the host TestKing1, the host
will send the frame to its default gateway. In this case, the router TestKingC is acting as
the default gateway for all hosts on the LAN, so the frame will be sent to its Ethernet
interface so that it can be routed to the email server.