Users at Testking 1 wish to utilize the existing Internet connection at Testking 2. To do this, a gateway of last resort needs to be set. What is the command to do this?

A new point to point circuit is installed, connecting Testking 1 to Testking 2 as
shown below:

A. TestKing1(config)# ip route
B. TestKing1(config)# ip route S1
C. TestKing1(config)# ip route
D. TestKing1(config)# ip route S0
E. TestKing1(config)# ip route
F. None of the above

Answer: E


Setting the default gateway is done by issuing either the "ip route serial 0"
or the "ip route" command. The following excerpt provides
some additional information:

Incorrect Answers:

A, C. The IP address of the next hop needs to go after the route, not before.
B. This would have been acceptable if the interface specified was S0, not S1.
C. The interface used to forward packets for the route should be placed after the route, not